WordPress Website Management and Maintenance

We offer three different types of Website Management for clients with WordPress Websites.

These services give you peace of mind knowing your site is being looked after and all the plans include automated backups once per month and we perform a monthly security check of your website to ensure there are no viruses or malware.

The Premium management level we offer includes, regular updates, regular backups, security software and checkups, SEO, tech support, Enhanced website performance, integration with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools and management of both, Including monthly reports. Basically with this you never have to worry about your website again, included in this plan is a discount on our web development services. Our per hour rate is €95. We offer Premium level clients a reduced hourly rate of €75 for web development services not included in the plan.

We also have a Pay As You Go option see below

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Plan Basic €40pm Business €60pm Premium €80pm
WordPress Updates Yes Yes Yes
Plugin Updates Yes Yes Yes
Cancel any time Yes Yes Yes
Basic Security Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Security No Yes Yes
Free Support No Yes Yes
Search Engine Optimised Basic Advanced Advanced
Full Site Backups No Monthly Weekly
Google Analytics No Yes Yes
Google Webmaster Tools No No Yes
Accelerated Performance No No Yes
Monthly Reports No No Yes
Development Work Discount rate of €85 per hour reduced rate of €75ph reduced rate of €65ph
COST Monthly €40 Monthly €60 Monthly €80

Sign up today
Simply enter your website address and payment info to subscribe to the Monthly Website Maintenance package of your choice
Note: You can cancel or change you plan at any stage

WordPress Updates
WordPress is updated for you every time there is a release update. This typically occurs once every month or two. We will update on every release.

Plugin Updates
WordPress Plugins are often updates in conjunction with a wordpress update or the month afterwards. They are also update at various times by their developers. We ensure yours are kept updated every month. If a plugin used on your site is no longer compatible with the release of wordpress will will find another that is compatible to do the same job.

Cancel Any Time
You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your contract at any time.

Basic Security
We use a wordpress security package to scan your site constantly. We also do a full monthly scan to ensure no compromised or hacked files exist.

Advanced Security
We use Wordfence to protect your website. We include the premium version of this security plugin with our “Premium 60 Euro Maintenance package”. Normally the cost of this extra security alone is 60 Euro per year.
Read more about the advanced security we use here

Free Support
If you run into problems editing your site or have any other issues with your website we are here to offer Free support.

Search Engine Optimised
We monitor your SEO and make changes where necessary. If we feel a large amount of work needs to be done on your SEO after analysing Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools we will let you know.

Full Site Backups
Your website and databases will be backedup up on a weekly basis. If your site is compromised or hacked this ensures it can be restored with one click. A hack repair normally costs €250 Euro

Google Analytics
We monitor your Google analytics account to ensure your site is performing as it should. We include this information in your monthly report along with any recommendations.

Google Webmaster Tools
We monitor Google Webmaster tools for notifications of issues with missing pages or incorrect links etc on your website and repair them when necessary. We include this information in your monthly report.

Accelerated Performance
We install a wordpress plugin to improve the speed of delivery of pages on your website. This is particularly beneficial to sites that are image heavy. We also optimize any images causing issues without compromising on visual display.

Monthly Reports
We include a monthly report with information on how your site is performing on Google Analytics and a Webmaster Tools report. We let you know if we have repaired any issues with your site and report on any other changes made.

Development Work Costs
For development work or changes not included in the monthly maintenance fee we offer a reduced rate to all Maintenance package subscribers. See the table for details on prices for programming or large updates. We include most small changes to your site in your monthly package.

Web maintenance, whenever you need it.

Pay As You Go maintenance is charged at an hourly rate of €80. However unlike most web development companies we only charge per quota (capped every 15 minutes).  So for example if a project takes 15 minutes or less then the cost would be €20; 30 minutes would cost €40, and a full hour €80.

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